Tristis Ward

Digit(al) Bones!

Wow, this is great! I'm finally able to release Bones of the Magus, digital edition. The novel came out a couple or five years back, and from day one I wanted to be able to get it out as an ebook. That proved much more complicated than it needed to be.

Now the time has finally come and Bones of The Magus will be available worldwide on as a comic book. The first issue All that Remains will be released in June (2016) and I am hoping to have another issue released before the end of August.

Bones is a kind of weird hybrid sort of experience for readers, so I've set up a little sample here. I have a whole long explanation of why I wrote the book this way, and you're welcome to check that out, but I also wanted to start talking about the story itself. My boy Sical is a complex dude, and his story is part of a larger story that involves his family, far-flung stellar empires and the history of Earth. Hopefully some of that can show up soon right here.

Skeleton made of words